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Week Five, Already

25 July 2011

18 July

Sat in on a meeting about the Choice Neighborhoods grant. Highly unproductive, mostly just tangents, polemics about the town. Commonly mentioned threads: rape and domestic violence go unreported; sex offenders are numerous; kids don’t have safe routes to walk home from school because of aforementioned predators and the uncontrolled dogs; housing is difficult to attain. This last one quickly interests me because I can so easily imagine the statistics that go with it: maximum income allowed in tribal housing, non-monetary requirements for living in said buildings, average time to build a privately owned house on the reservation (5-7 years), average number of families per household (it’s often two or three, though that’s not officially allowed by the Housing Authority). The unreported crime I don’t know how to think about. I can’t make that into a neat map of statistics. Right now, all I know is that the justice system is corrupt and broken, needs rebuilding.

I spoke with Marissa last week about becoming more involved in the big-time work: grant applications and project visioning. She seemed optimistic about that. Most of my job still involves a lot of tedious tracking and data entry for the survey. I keep track of where surveyors are sent each day, decide where to send them the next day, enter information on completed surveys into an excel spreadsheet, make copies of paperwork and restock the packets of survey materials. I wish I were better at it so it all went faster. Seems like I can spend an entire day just filling in inventories and keeping track of where I sent everyone.

The Club’s unit director is out, the accountant quit, and that means extra work for my VISTA roommate, and a promotion for our friend. What a Monday.

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