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How to Eviscerate a Public School: Like Boiling a Frog in Water

15 February 2016

My friend and fellow teacher Juliet Buesing has many correct things to say.

Redeem the Thought

Dedicated to Detroit, to all the schools that are losing their very sense of self this year in Boston, and to all the schools all over America who have never had a chance to be great because they’ve never had the money.

It is an oft-recited fun fact that if you place a frog in room-temperature water and then slowly heat up and cook him, the frog will not realize he is being boiled to death until it is far too late to jump out. I think often of this image when I see America’s public schools and their funding crisis. What we have normalized and become okay with will keep adjusting until it is far too late to save ourselves.

Given that many of my readers may not be educators, as a brief introduction, I would like to explain what makes a strong school. Despite a countrywide measurement system…

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